Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We also had the taste of a lot of gardens like the Saramsa Garden and the Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden where there are a lot of artificial waterfalls and excellent recreation and picnic spot. 

Coming to Tsomgo Lake which is situated at an altitude of 12,500 ft. is 40 kms from Gangtok city. The lake is about 1 km long, oval in shape, 50 ft deep and regarded as a holy place.  When we reached there the lake was fully covered with fog and mist and so cold (about 2/3 deg) and there is a climb up on the hill adjacent to the lake where there was snow (0 deg) and we played like kids.  You can have Yak rides to go further into the lake in the snow ……..though I did not venture climbing on them (my SIL did).

There were ‘’n’’ number of Monasteries which we deferred to see owing to time and rides up and down the hills.

Our next stopover was at the Khecheopalri Lake, a sacred wish fulfilling lake for Buddhists and Hindus in the North West Pelling town of Sikkim. There is a small worship place and from there one can reach the fence of the lake and can throw coins into it after prayers.  The belief is that what one wishes is fulfilled if we pray to the goddess Tara of this lake.

Prayer Flags are a common feature all over theState and this is a tradition of Buddhism. Prayers are written on individual flags for various reasons like prosperity, good health, weddings, to ward off evil eye etc. The Priest at the Monastery will chant prayers with the flags at the altar.  These are then handed over to the person who has requested them. Each flag is then hoisted on a bamboo pole and placed outside the house or wherever required. In this picture you can see the flags hoisted around the lake.


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