Monday, December 26, 2011


My holiday in Assam

My husband and I decided to take a holiday before retirement and so on arrival in India, the first thing that we did was join the tour with SIL who was going on a trek to Mizoram.  Their plan was to see Assam and Nagaland before joining their group in Mizoram.  We were both eager to join them too at least to see a part of the North East if not for the trek!!

So here’s how we went……..

Took Rajdhani from Mumbai to New Delhi on 20th October and stayed at a friend’s place.  Delhi was gearing up for the cold winters and it was lovely there.
The friend was so good and her hospitality is unbeatable. 21st flew past with the trio doing local sightseeing and walking in the gardens.

22nd (also happens to be our WA), we flew to GUWAHATI and stayed at the Circuit House which is on the banks of the Brahmaputra.

23rd – we reached JORHAT. It was a lengthy 6 hour drive and enroute we passed through so much greenery….Arica Nut, Banana, Coconut trees, Tea gardens, Bamboo and each house house has a pond to cultivate fish.  Fish is common food along with rice being a rice eating state.

24th – MAJULI…..a small island in the Brahmaputra river and very famous for SATRAS.  SATRAS is the place of worship and there are as many as 100 there. The most famed ones are the KAMALABARI, DHAKSHINPATT & SAMAGUDI satras. There is no idol worship and they worship the BHAGAVAD GITA.
The island is getting grants from UNESCO who helps the islanders to maintain the ethnicity and culture.  The tribe living here are the MISHI tribe. 100 different rice is grown here. KOMAL CHAULA- rice cooks fully in 15 min if soaked in warm water and BAO DHAAN- rice grown underwater.
Another interesting fact in this island is POTTERY made by hand and wheel not being used.

Attaching some pictures clicked of ASSAM for your eyes only !!


Brahmaputra as seen from our room in Guwahati

Loading of vehicles, cattle and of course passengers on the ferry !!
Brahmaputra as seen from the ferry

Satra where they worship Bhagavdgita as god !!
Satra where Lord Krishna’s story is sculpted on the walls !!
The 80 year old master with his hand made masks

Assamese local women weaving

Assamese local girls in their dance costume

A panoramic view of the BRAHMAPUTRA
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