Monday, July 2, 2012

Puppet Toran

I call this a Puppet Toran since most of the Hangings that are used here are Readymade Puppets except for the Birds that were created by me (as usual hand stitched).

The top portion of the Toran or the border was completely hand stitched and the Puppets were fixed using Beads of different shapes and colours with a Bell Hanging at the tip.

When I made this one of my husband's friend liked it so much that we gifted him with it.  So now it adorns the entrance of our friend's house.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thank You !!

Hi all,

Once again a warm welcome to all of you !!

I am so passionate about craft and all my free time is spent trying out various forms of hand work. 

I prefer to use my free time wisely in doing something creative which in turn gives me a lot of pleasure and solace.

I want to thank a few people here who have helped me to a great extent in forming and organising my blog to this level today.

Thank you: 

I know that a Thank You for the time you spent with me is not enough but these are words from my heart and I genuinely appreciate the efforts you all took to help me out and I will treasure this in my heart for ever and ever.

Temple Jewellery Set...another one !!!

Here we go again with one more set ......... yes my favourite piece of a Temple Jewellery Collection....but this time for sale........

My cousin was sweet enough to carry this to the US and sold this to one of her friends there !!

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