Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tutorial for Bird Hanging.......My simple and easy way !!

This is the easy way that I make birds:
Procedure 1: Cut a square piece as shown. Then fold it in the form of a right angle triangle as shown in the picture.

Procedure 2: As shown in the picture do tiny back stitches till almost where the beak is.

Procedure 3: Where I have inserted a marker pen, please leave a hole enough to stuff the cotton/polyfil/tiny bits of unused bits of cloth. The stuffing should be really stiff and not loose and make this a bulky fat one like the body of a bird !!

Procedure 4: This is the procedure that I use to cut my bit of cloth to make the beak (contrast colour).

Procedure 5: Once the stuffing is complete, please insert the triangle bit (the beak) as shown in the picture and stitch them all up.

Procedure 6: Can you see the almost complete bird with the stuffing and the beak as well as the bead eyes !!

Procedure 7: The bird now being decorated with small tiny seed beads. I have also stitched some mirrors on some birds. You could decorate it to your choice.

Procedure 8: The bird complete with its decorations around the neck, the feathers are added at the right places by making use of woollen thread.

Procedure 9: The birds are all complete now.

You can join each bird to the other using a strong thread and fix colourful beads. At the end fix some jingling bells. Make a pair to adorn your entrances.

In this way, you can make Fishes or Elephants or Horses. So far I have not given a try with the others but hoping to do them sometime.


  1. Very Beautiful work. Excellent explanation of its process. Congrats. vgk


  3. WOW Sudha - Hrishi was highly impressed. he said we can make these with papers also. The SBS instructions are very usefull. Thanks for sharing .


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