Sunday, August 26, 2012

Doughnut Necklace

Today I am going to share with you one more of my precious collection.  I call this ''Doughnut'' Necklace since the Pendant resembles a doughnut !!
I used Leather Cord, lots of multi-colored Wooden Beads and a few Ceramic Beads too in completing this necklace.

This was specially made for husband's ex-colleague Audrey's birthday.  She always loves huge, heavy and chunky jewellery especially necklaces and so we felt that this would make an ideal birthday gift for her !!

Audrey really liked it and wore it the moment we gifted it to her !!

I made 2 more similar ones, one of which got sold recently in my exhibition cum sale (unfortunately I did not click a picture of that but nonetheless herewith I share a picture of the Audrey necklace) !!

Trust you all liked this necklace too ?????????


  1. wow Sudha nice necklace. So now it willbe possible for you to create similar types with zodiac signs also. Good work keep it up

  2. Woow beautiful .Am not intrested jewl making but now am starting dear

  3. Audrey is very lucky to wear your cute precious doughnut necklace..i too ♥ it sudha..
    BTW iam really happy when i saw your number of comments in my blog..thanks a ton sudha..need more encouragement from you in i was asked i have posted a few words in my comment post here..hope you will go through it:))

  4. Dear Sudha
    Lovely design..It is very eye catching the colour combo and the unique doughnut pendant is very lovely...


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