Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thank You !!

Hi all,

Once again a warm welcome to all of you !!

I am so passionate about craft and all my free time is spent trying out various forms of hand work. 

I prefer to use my free time wisely in doing something creative which in turn gives me a lot of pleasure and solace.

I want to thank a few people here who have helped me to a great extent in forming and organising my blog to this level today.

Thank you: 

I know that a Thank You for the time you spent with me is not enough but these are words from my heart and I genuinely appreciate the efforts you all took to help me out and I will treasure this in my heart for ever and ever.


  1. Sudha...
    So happy to see your blog grow in leaps and bounds!
    I still remember the day you sowed the seeds of blogging in me and there is no turning back for me...
    Thank you dear:))

  2. ALWAYS ready to help!! Thank you sooooo much for this lovely post ! :)

  3. Dear Usha akka and Deepu.......i am glad that I am learning how to blog each and every day....thanks to both of you for always being there for me !!

  4. I AM HERE TO WALK ALONG WITH YOU Welcome Sudha - Thanks a lot for remembering. what are we in being friends. enjoy a happy blogging


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