Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shanku, Chakra and Spear……..Thermocol work

My hands started twitching after seeing some craft works done on Thermocol Sheet.

Since I had already made Balaji’s Feet, I thought I would give the god his Weapons too !!!!

I went to the stationery shop one weekend and got a small Thermocol sheet of medium sized thickness.  I drew the outline of a Chakra, Shanku and a Spear on a plain white paper and traced the same on the Thermocol sheet.  With the help of paper cutter I cut the shapes nicely, stuck a self adhesive Black Felt Paper on these shapes and embellished them with Kundan Stones, Mirrors andGlitter Glue.

I became a child once again after seeing the completed work.


  1. nice work of divine accessories, Sudha. the emblishments really make it look very divine.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Nice to see these divine weapons...They look so attractive!

  3. Shanku , chakra and vel all divine missiles used for distruction purpose. These I feel are for viewers eyes. Great going sudha

  4. Mira dear, thanks so much.
    Gr8 hearing from my buddy !!

  5. Thanks Usha akka, so good to hear your lovely feedback.

  6. Nitya ka, these weapons are not for ''Mass Destruction'' but for Mass Adoration !!

  7. Gopal Sir, I am so happy to receive your very lovely and warm feedback for my craft work......much appreciate it ....... thanks so much Sir !!

  8. Maha dear, thanks so much....great getting your feedback !!


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