Saturday, June 2, 2012

Perumal Paadham / Balaji's Feet

The story of how I did this craft goes a long way back,,,

I was browsing the net for some pictures of Ganesha (being a big fan of him !!) and ended up getting a whole lot of designs of not only Ganeshas but also the pattern of Balaji/Perumal’s lotus feet.  I took out a print out and safe guarded it amongst my huge collection of designs.  This happened 6/7 years ago and I had completely forgotten about it.

Then of course I did the Ganesha Toran (which you must have all seen) some years after that.  In 2009,  my 2 friends who used to come home everyday one day asked me to teach them some craft since they had enough free time.

Being craft crazy, I offered to teach them something simple to create and hit on the idea of doing Perumal Paadham.  Since I usually have most of the craft materials at home and all these designs, we sat down to go about it.

This is the procedure we followed:
1                     A self adhesive black felt paper was stuck on a cardboard sheet.
2                   Traced the design on the felt paper.
3                   The glitter glue was applied on the outline.
4                   Kundan stones were stuck as jewellery and wherever else we felt it was required.

Both my friends and me were very happy with the result.

I had placed this on the golu padi during Navarathri and you can see the photos when I upload them at a later date.   


  1. Sudha new form to the adorable feet. Did pranams. The wonder product glitter paint/glue has helped in many dimensions

  2. my pranams on HIS feet..superb sudhaji..

  3. Divine beautiful work, Sudha. Very happy to see you active and the progress of your blog. Best wishes

  4. Nice and beautiful work,Sudha...

  5. Nitya ka, thats our glitter all our craft works !!
    Thanks so much for the visit !!

  6. Leelaji, thanks so much for your first visit !!
    Great to hear your lovely feedback.

  7. Mira dear, thanks so much.
    It is your motivation and great help I am doing slight progress in blogging !!
    Need your support at all times dear !!


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