Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Patch Work Door Hanging

This Orange Patchwork Door Hanging is very simple and easy to create.

On a Zari Rope, I strung some Orange Wooden Beads, fixed Mirrors, some artificial Orange Roses, Readymade Patchwork piece that I had and some Bells at the bottom.  I fixed them at regular intervals giving it lots of space to dangle in the breeze !!

You must be wondering why I am so mad of ''Orange'' shades.....the reason being it is a bright and cheerful colour and the colour of our SUN God !!!

Hope you like this craft work too,,,,,,,


  1. very nice Sudha. what is the doll shaped thing below the centre diamond?

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

  2. .your post is very intresting.Thanks for sharing this creative ideas.Necklaces In


  3. Thanks Mira. Below the huge diamond is a mirror and below it is a bunch of roses (3/4 bundled together). Unfortunately I do not have this piece to take another clear picture since these were purchased from me.

  4. Gopal Sir, once again thanks for visiting me.

  5. Thanks a lot Disha.
    It is wonderful receiving your lovely feedback.

  6. Thanks once again art and craft to drop your warm feedback.

  7. Dear Sudha
    Awesome piece the design is simply gorgeous


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