Sunday, June 10, 2012 Temple Jewellery ??? !!!

Surprised seeing a Mogappu in my Temple Jewellery collection ??

I wanted to do a Mogappu for the goddess and came up with this idea.

This is what I did......

I found one ''Chandraprabha'' amongst my numerous Temple Jewellery Pendants. I decided to use this as a Mogappu and on either sides I strung some Pearl Beads, Green and Red Calcite Beads and at intervals used Red and Green Menakari Stone Spacers.

Now I am very glad with the output and am eager to adorn my Ambal this year with this personalised and customised jewellery !!

Hope you all like this too !!!


  1. may Ambal bless you and your family..i wish to see HER with this neckwear..

  2. Lovely mala with temple jewel mugappu!
    I love this kind of kempu mugappu...

  3. wow! an apt jewellery. Look so divine. A very nice decorative gift to the ambal. May the goddess bless you.

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

  4. Leela, thats really very sweet of you to say.
    I hope that Ambal grants me permission to adorn her with all finery this year !!

  5. Thanks a lot Usha akka.
    Kempu has always been our all time favourite especially amongst South Indians.

  6. Mira dear, thanks a lot for your appreciation of my work and your sincere well wishes !!

  7. Hi...
    Very Beautiful... Classic ones looks so good....


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