Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jute on Wood this a wall hanging ?? !!

This is another wall hanging created by me and it is very simple and easy to make… me !!

I had this small WOODEN SQUARE PIECE on which I stuck a piece of JUTE and using fabric paint BROWN I gave an even coat at the back side completely.

Now on the JUTE side, I stuck BROWN and GREEN MIRRORS on 4 corners, some clear colour KUNDAN STONES and a TERRACOTA GANESHJI in the centre.

I drilled holes on the 4 corners. The top hole became the hanger and from the remaining 3 sides, I fixed some WOODEN BEADS and a TASSLE BEAD !!

The WALL HANGING is now all complete !!


  1. Cute hanging!Will make a nice gift too...

  2. i always love wallhangings..this one is lovely sudha..wah ganeshji has got a comfortable seat in the centre..well done!!

  3. very nice....your creativity is amazing...

  4. Usha akka, you are perfectly right !!
    I intend making lots like these to be given as gifts (very soon) !!

  5. Leela, thanks so much.
    I too love making simple wall hangings which becomes a great decorative piece anywhere there is a wall and gives the ambience an ethnic look !!

  6. Maha dear, thank you so much ma.
    Can you also send me the link to your blog (sorry dear, I misplaced it somewhere) !!

  7. lovely space..nice crafts..happy to add ur blog.


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