Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Indo-American Fusion......2

Here comes my second set of Jewellery under the Indo-American Fusion of Jewellery Materials.

These Reddish Maroon beads were sent by my sister from the US.  The Oxidised Beads are from Mumbai and so also the Clasps and Hooks.

This now occupies my niece's Jewellery Box !!


  1. Very nice ...One day I am gonna raid your jewel chest :)

  2. Thanks Usha akka.
    Please do come and raid.....and take your pick !! I will be the most happiest person in this world for adorning a pretty, talented and craftslady's neck !!

  3. Thanks so much art and craft.
    You always come and give your valuable feedback which is a big motivation for me.

  4. Gopal Sir, thanks so much.
    I am truly blessed receiving your sincere feedback.


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