Monday, June 4, 2012

Hair Pins..Temple Jewellery

Let me narrate the story of these so called ‘’Hair Pins’’….it is definitely interesting when you read the complete story of its birth!!

I had these Temple Jewellery Mango shaped two holed spacers (extras from another set).  Some of them could not be used on a necklace since either the holes were closed or broken.   I was feeling bad that these beautiful things were going to be left untouched.

It was at this time I was doing some hair embellishment for the goddess that I hit upon the idea of making these ‘’Hair Pins’’ which could be used to decorate the plait at intervals and give the plait a grander look.

I used thin pliable gold metal wire that we generally use for making artificial gem trees, etc.  I inserted them into the spacers, added an extra pearl bead here and there, twisted the wire into a long pin which I lovingly call ‘’HAIR PINS’’!!

These are very simple and easy to make and when you have left over beads like these you could try making them too!!

Hope you like my recycled work,


  1. That's a very interesting idea Sudha. good work.

  2. First time I am seeing temple jewellry hairpins! Classy!!!

  3. Sudha , nice hairpins, please pass some to me as the heat in Chennai is not bearable. Nice idea to recycle things that are antique in nature.Kudos to your efforts.

  4. Usha akka, thanks so much !!

  5. Nitya ka, sure why not ??
    Thanks so much for dropping by.

  6. Thanks so much art and craft......gr8 to hear from you dear.


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