Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easy to make Felt Jewellery Pouches

Today let me share with you all the Jewellery Pouches that I had made few years ago.

In the year 2010 at the time of Navarathri, I wanted to make something special for the 9 Kanyas.
The Jewellery Sets comprising of Necklace and Earrings were already made in 9 different colours and the only thing left out was a proper case.

I had been wanting to make handmade pouches for a long long time with the Felt Cloth I had.
I was short of few colours and therefore firstly went and purchased them.  I then sat and started sewing them.  I used Button Hole Stitch to join the edges.  I left an opening on one side from where I gathered a bit on each side and fixed Zari Rope/Satin Ribbons with Beads at the tip so that one can tie them around after filling the pouch. 

Lastly I embellished them with Zari Patches, Kundan Stones, Sequins etc.

The children (Kanyas) were so thrilled on receiving their matching jewellery in matching pouches !!

Take a look at my work please and share your feedbacks,,,,,


  1. Beautiful royal looking pouches, Sudha

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

    :-) Mira

  2. Cool...I will also make such pouches for my jewellery collection

  3. beautiful pouches!iam very partial to the bluish green pouch with paisley design..

  4. Very Nice & Beautiful work. Good colour. Velvet cloth may also be used for this which will be more shining. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sudha cant seem to locate your "follow" button!

  6. Hi Sudha ,

    i'm punitha of

    New to your colourful blog:)))

    Looks nice,,,

    at your free time do visit my blog and

    give your valuable comments Sudha ::))

    Keep on...


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