Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Calendar Work....Murugan

I have always been wanting to learn the Tanjore Art Form of Painting but never got the opportunity to learn !!

I used to always wonder how to decorate my Gods pictures !!  It was at this time that I came up with the idea of enhancing Gods pictures using Zari Laces, Kundan Stones, Beads, Sequins, Glitter Glue etc.

I was eagerly waiting for my vacation to India where I was sure to collect these pictures in the form of Old Calendars (I must mention here that my parents had plenty of them !!).  At this time during one of our Friday Evening Puja Visits to our Guruji’s house I was gifted with a Balaji Picture. My Craft Mind started ticking….and when I completed the work on him during the course of that week I handed it back to my Guruji.  He was so happy receiving his Balaji back in full Splendour.  His wife requested if I could do on some more Calendars which they wanted to take back home for their new house Grahapravesh.  I was so happy and satisfied of having done a good job.

Today Murugan decided to visit you all and so here he is,,,


  1. MURUGAN means BEAUTY in Tamil.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture of God Muruga. ;)

  2. thanks a lot akka. i am blessed to get blessings from Lord murugan. :)

  3. sudha akka.. here is the surprise for you

    visit my blog, if you like my creations, follow my blog

    happy blogging.

  4. Hi sudha
    first time here.... you have owsome blog...

  5. Dear Sudha..
    Very beautiful ....Thanks for giving us Murugan Darshan...

  6. Thanks a lot Bhavna for your first visit.
    I will definitely vist your blog soon.

  7. Thanks a lot Vishku.
    Glad that Murugan gave you darshan !!


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