Friday, June 1, 2012

Bandhani Toran

Let me begin with the story of ‘’This Bandhani Toran’’ which was completely hand stitched.

I cut the desired length of cloth and fixed the backing cloth with the same material and stuffed canvas cloth between the two.  I used satin ribbons to make the hangings with the addition of threaded ball beads, mirrors, artificial gold beads,etc. I stitched some kundan stones here and there to give the glittery look !!

For the edgings to the panels I used woollen thread which I plaited and fixed them with running stitches to give the panel an elegant look.

My sister-in-law wanted to gift her brother with a toran and she bought this from me.  There ends my story of this Toran !!


  1. Sudha - cute thoran. Nice ending for this creation.

  2. Lovely thoran. The satin ribbon worked well with beads adds more beauty. Well done Sudha

  3. Mira, my friend....good to note your detailed feedback.
    This is what I greatly admore in a craftsperson !!

  4. nice information on Bandhani Toran.I believe that the post has perfect collection of words and a well research.

  5. Madhavi, it is an honour to receive such a lovely feedback from you !!
    Thanks so much.


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