Monday, June 25, 2012

2 in 1 Patch Work Bag.........fully hand stitched !!

I have to bore you all with the story of how I ended up making this ''Patch Work Bag'' !!

In 2005, I had an opportunity to visit Zanzibar for three whole months.  I had carried my regular hand bag that was small enough to hold a ''weighing machine''.  Whenever I needed to go out of the room where I stayed in the Resort I was forced to carry this Huge Key (a foot ruler size, weighing 3 kgs atleast !!) and if it was night time...........a Torch too !!  The first couple of days I carried my ''small'' handbag everywhere and people gave me this curious and strange look (maybe I felt that way !!).

Fortunately, I had carried a lot of craft materials with me.......cloth bits,embroidery threads, embellishments, keep my crafty mind active.

I must mention here that I was working on a Quilt at that time and my better half thought I was once again back to my left over work.........but NO........I decided to do this new project.......a ''Patch Work Bag'' to carry my sweet nothings, etc...

I gathered all the bits and pieces of cloth and using ''Back Stitch'' joined all of them and made 2 square pieces.  My husband suggested that rather than a ''Square'' I should go in for a ''Pentagon'' !!

So with scissors in my hands, I turned the Square into a Pentagon shape and stitched a ''Reversible 2 in 1 Patch Bag''.

I am herewith posting the picture of both sides of the bag.

I must mention here that I received the First Prize from the Prestigious Indus Ladies. Com Contest !!!
Thank you Indus Ladies !!

Await your valuable feedbacks........

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  1. Hi Sudha, needless to say, beautiful creations. :-)


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