Saturday, May 26, 2012

Satin ribbon Garlands

Satin Ribbon Garlands are so fast and easy to make.

I made so many of them in so many colours using a wide variety of embellishments and these look so beautiful when they adorn the god’s picture.

We were in Bahrain earlier and getting flowers in all seasons was difficult for me then.  So when I found Satin Ribbons, my mind started working overtime and came with up ideas which pleased me.

I am also very happy since I taught so many friends how to make these simple garlands.

During my US trip I made a 100 of these in so many sizes and colours and gifted all my friends, relations with them and even now whenever I meet or speak to them they remember my garlands and talk about it………a proud moment of joy for me !!

I had personally written the tutorials which I would share soon in my blog……..this helped many a friend all over the world in trying this craft work and am very happy to be of help !!

Sharing very few pictures of the ones I made and I am sorry if the pictures are not so very clear.  These are all gifted away and I intend making some more soon !!

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  1. Satin ribbon in various forms- lovely design with beautiful colors


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