Sunday, May 27, 2012

Horses and Bangles Door Hanging

Herewith presenting my horses and bangles door hanging.
This is very simple and easy to make.You could do it too,,,,,,

Posting pictures step by step of how I went about the whole making.

Materials required (Picture 1 and 2) - 3 bangles draped around sturdily with satin ribbon and zari lace, bells, key chain holder, needle, thread, a pair of good strong scissors, fancy beads of your choice (here I have used wooden beads and golden beads) and of course some ready made stuffed horses.

Step 1 – firstly string on the beads to the key chain ring and attach it to the first bangle as shown in the picture.

Step 2 – attach a horse to the bangle as shown in the picture.

Step 3 – this picture shows how 2 horses are attached to the bangles with the beads in between them.

Step 4 – picture shows the completed horses and bangle door hanging with the bells tingling at the bottom !!

As mentioned earlier, alternatively you can door hangings using elephants, birds or fishes etc., even geometric patterns like a square or triangle or a star not with 3 but with 5 or 7 bangles also …….try it out and see…….a decorative piece that can be hung permanently at the entrance of your sweet home !!

This can also be made and gifted with a personal touch !!

Happy crafting,,,,,,,,


  1. Very cute door hanging, Sudha.

  2. excellent..... i liked it very much.
    me a new follower of ur blog


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